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Suzi takes on Burbage North


This week, i had my first taste of real rock… I know, I know, I know, how is this possibly the first time. As ashamed as i am to say it, it was great to get my first proper outdoor climb under my belt. For those of you who don’t know about outdoor climbing there are a few different ways to do this (taken from The Castle Climbing Centre info page). Traditional (Trad) Climbing This is where... Continue reading

Ice Climbing at Vertical Chill

ice wall 055

For my birthday this year, two of my closest friends had bought me an ice climbing experience at Vertical Chill in London. Coincidentally, I had been looking into this just two weeks before so I was stoked to get it booked up. I got really excited and started telling everyone but they all looked really confused when I was saying “I’m going ice climbing in Covent Garden!” To battle... Continue reading

Training at Vauxwall


Recently, I went to check out the latest addition to the London climbing scene… Vauxwall. This dedicated boulder centre is ridiculously close to the tube station, which makes the post-climbing journey home a little easier. I have been trying to face my fears when bouldering as i still get fairly nervous, so this was a great opportunity to kick the training season off with a bang. I was a little... Continue reading

Climbing at The Castle

Suzi Rees

For ages, i’ve been trying to get my brother Steve to come climbing. He is also a bit of an adventurous fella, always keen to try something new, so you’d think it would be easy to get him climbing with me… nope! Following months of nagging, i finally got him to join me at The Castle Climbing Centre in London. It is a really friendly and relaxed environment. I’d first been there... Continue reading